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Additive manufacturing technology has become the focus of the manufacturing industry since the beginning of this century, and has maintained rapid development over the years. The domestic additive manufacturing industry has continued to show an upward trend in recent years, reaching 32.16 billion by 2022, and is expected to exceed 50 billion by 2024.

As an influential professional business platform for 3D Printing industry in South China, 3D Printing Asia brings together well-known domestic and foreign brands and is committed to presenting new additive manufacturing products and technologies in a full range of the entire industry chain, including rapid prototyping, CAD/CAM software development, 3D laser engraving, industrial and desktop 3D printers and related accessories. It is an important platform to showcase cutting-edge technologies in the industry and grasp business opportunities in China's 3D printing market.

At the same time, Asiamold Select Asia International Mold Exhibition and SPS Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Exhibition shared resources in multiple fields, helping the industrial manufacturing industry to broaden the business vein and create new opportunities for intelligent manufacturing.

Facts & Figures

Exhibition date  4- 6 March 2024  
Exhibition venue China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China  
Exhibition space 20,000 sqm (2023 SIAF included)  
Number of visitors 55,000 (2023 SIAF included)  
Number of exhibitors 450 (2023 SIAF included)  

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Exhibitors' comments

We feel that the opening of the Guangzhou Mold Exhibition after the epidemic is the right time and place, and the industry is also in urgent need of a platform for face-to-face communication and display, which is a great opportunity for us to collect customers' first-hand needs and investigate the market to find market breakthrough points. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the organizer's service to the exhibitors is also very humane, and will organize a targeted group of buyers to visit the exhibition, which gives us a lot of opportunities to contact new industry customers. The impact of 3D printing technology on the entire industrialization process, from raw material manufacturing, assembly, use and maintenance of product life, the entire process must have greater advantages than traditional industries.


At the exhibition site, we have been exposed to many R & D personnel from different industries, and deeply felt that the understanding of the visiting audience on 3d printing has been significantly improved, and the demands put forward are quite professional and targeted, and the printing molds of our products can be printed in small batches and multiple frequencies are also very in line with their flexible needs. This is the first professional mold exhibition we participated in after the release, we are very satisfied with the flow of people and professionalism of the scene, we believe that with the implementation of intelligent manufacturing and the implementation of the two-carbon policy, 3D printing technology will be widely used in traditional production, the underlying logic of the two is identical. We can also clearly feel the feedback of the general trend and the hot spots of peer discussion at the exhibition site.

Raise 3D

AOG exhibition can be said to be the most representative and highly professional industry event in China, especially in South China. Such a platform allows us to get in touch with many people in the industry. There are a large number of visitors to the forum this time, and the feedback is also very positive.


Professional buyers


Exhibition highlight