Asiamold Select – Guangzhou and Guangzhou Industrial Technology  successfully concluded on 6 March 2024. Running concurrently, these exhibitions brought together industry players from around the world and presented comprehensive overview of the latest manufacturing technologies and industry advancements. Together, the two fairs hosted 336 exhibitors across 20,000 sqm of floor space, and alongside SPS - Smart Production Solutions Guangzhou, collectively welcomed 37,264 visitors, with a total of 78,111 visits.

2024 siaf&git 展后数据图

Exhibitors' comments

“As first-time exhibitors at Asiamold Select – Guangzhou, our goal is to increase our brand visibility and attract new clients, given the event’s reputation as an effective promotional platform. We’ve connected with numerous overseas buyers, including a Japanese firm interested in our outdoor lighting moulds. We have also met buyers interested in injection-moulded products for the automotive, medical, and electronics industries. I am pleased with the outcome of this exhibition, and will participate again next year.”

“Asiamold Select - Guangzhou is highly renowned within the industry and has had significant domestic influence for many years, which is why we make it a point to participate annually. Our target customers are mainly in the medical, kitchenware, and automotive sectors - essentially any industry that requires plastic components. This year, the exhibition was bustling with visitors; we met with many new clients from Xiamen and Fujian, along with numerous international clients.”

“The visitor turnout has been substantial, with a particularly large influx of international buyers compared to last year. We’ve also met with buyers from countries like the Philippines and India, so the overall results from this exhibition have exceeded our expectations. At the automation pavilion, I also encountered some AI and large language model technologies, suggesting a future where our manual operations could be minimised or even eliminated, potentially yielding savings in time and labour for our company.”

“This is the first time that BASF Forward AM has exhibited at Asiamold Select – Guangzhou. We showcased our rapid moulding solutions, including our featured product Ultracur3D RG3280, and connected with customers from various industries. The interest and enthusiasm from attendees were truly incredible. Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and showed support!”

Visitor and speaker's comment

“We came to Asiamold Select – Guangzhou to connect with new mould manufacturers and to learn more about injection moulding products. This year, I’ve noted a significant increase in foot traffic, and the range of participating companies is more comprehensive than in the past. Most importantly, the quality of products brought by the companies here is relatively assured. In the auto parts field, many moulds are non-standard customised products, so being able to engage in face-to-face discussions and directly assess product quality is important. We thank the exhibition for providing us with this opportunity.”

“As Latin America’s leading drone manufacturer, we develop and manufacture our products directly in Brazil. It has been a productive visit; the exhibition is well-organised, and the range of product categories available here suits our procurement needs well. We’ve already identified several potential suppliers of plastic and metal 3D printers, 3D printing materials, and injection moulding services that we intend to follow up with. We are also in the process of building up our automation line, so we also look forward to exploring what the concurrent Guangzhou Industrial Technology and SPS – Smart Production Solutions Guangzhou have to offer.”

“Today, I discussed the expanding role of 3D printing in mould making. It’s encouraging to see more of our clients embracing this technology, yet there’s still a hurdle in widespread acceptance, which is why forums like this are essential for education and promotion. 3D printing is not only meeting current market demands, but is making inroads into new sectors, such as in the production of smartphone frames for the consumer electronics industry. I’ve attended this fair many times in the past; this year, everyone was commenting on the particularly high turnout and the strong interest of buyers.”

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